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PSLE Math Tuition in Singapore

Looking for good PSLE Maths Tuition in Singapore?

Do you want to excel in your subject - PSLE Maths? Are you looking for a good PSLE Maths Tutor who provides effective PSLE Maths Tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Primary Maths, Secondary N or O-level Maths subject. We will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Our PSLE Maths Tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective step-by-step tuition at your home. For best PSLE Maths Tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition. We are proud to be among the best tuition agency in Singapore. We have the best tutors in Singapore. Send us a Request-tutor Form NOW. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. Tel: 9385-5548.
psle-math tuition
PSLE Maths Tuition

What is Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national examination in Singapore that is administered by the Ministry of Education and taken by all students near the end of their sixth year in primary school before they move on to secondary school. They are graded according to the results of the four subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Mother tongue - typically, Chinese or Malay or Tamil.

A-Star Maths Programme for Primary 4 to 6 Tuition in Singapore

Singapore's Primary Maths syllabus has been revised to focus on handling open-ended, non-routine and challenging problem sums which require skills above basic Maths computational proficiency.
The A-Star Maths programme aims to impart the 16 Heuristic methods approved by MOE for Maths problem solving at Primary level.
1] Model Method,
2] Constant Difference,
3] Before and After Concept,
4] Systematic Listing,
5] Guess and Check,
6] Pattern Concept,
7] Branching/Remainder Concept,
8] Repeated Identity Concept (Ratio Method)
9] Equal Fractions Concept,
10] Value and Unit Concept,
11] Number x Value
12] Simplifying the Problem,
13] Assumption / Supposition Concept,
14] Solving Part of the Problem,
15] Reinstating the Problem.
16] Working Backwards

Students must know 6 Heuristics to score in PSLE Maths

Taking PSLE 2022 or in the next year? This 6 Heuristics are for you if you do not have time to researching what heuristics to study. Below are the 6 heuristics of the most important Heuristic you need to know for PSLE Maths, as quickly and as simply as possible.
Which Heuristic Concepts are most tested in PSLE Exam last few years?
There are the Equal Concept and Remainder Concepts like; Speed, Ratio, Additions, and Minus. If you are well prepared for speed and ratio concepts is good.

Six Heuristics to score in PSLE Maths

1]. Remainder / Branching Concept

EG: Ashley had $100. She spent $50. What is one fifth of the remainder?
Remainder Concept One fifth of remainder = 1/5 x $50 = $10 Ans.

2]. Repeated Identity Concept (Ratio Method)

Ratio method:
Ratio2 Find the value of A, B & C of above Ratio?
In this case B is repeated. So make B the same. Make B = 2x3 = 6
Now B is 6.
Then Ratio (A:B) multiply by 3 & Ratio (B:C) multiply by 2. (Remember to Cross multiply the value of each)
Therefore A = 1 x 3 = 3
Therefore C = 5 x 2 = 10
Ratio 1 Answer

3]. Equal Fractions Concept

For example: 1/4 of A is 2/3 of B.
1/4 of A = 2/3 of B
Let make both numarator the same.
2/8 of A = 2/3 of B.
Therefore ... A = 8, B = 3. Ans.

4]. Supposition/Assumption Concept (if)

The Supposition concept forms the basis of most Maths questions. These problem sums will provide you with the total quantity of the items, the Assumption of one item to the other.
(Usually, given 3 values: Total value, goat 4 legs, duck 2 legs)
Example 1:
There are 40 goats and ducks in the Farm. There are a total of 140 legs. How many goats and ducks are there?
(Usually, given 3 values: Total value = 140 legs, goat 4 legs, duck 2 legs)
40 goats have 40 x 4 = 160 legs.
Now off target by 20.
Therefore, No of ducks is 20/2 = 10 ducks. Ans
No of goats is 40 - 10 = 30 goats. Ans
Check: 10 Ducks = 20 legs and 30 goats = 120 legs. Total legs = 20 + 120 = 140 legs.
Example 2:
Celeste has 61 pieces of $5 and $2 notes. All the Notes add up to a total of $197. How many pieces of $2 Notes does she have?
Given: Total $197 & 61 pieces. value is $2 & $5.
Tip: Always use the least value to work first.
Assume all are $2 notes - - - $2 x 61 = $122.
Therefore $197 - $122 = $75 extra.
Remember $5 notes is extra by ($5 - $2) = $3
Now No. of $5 ($3 extra) = 75/3 = 25 pieces.
No. of $5 notes = 25. Ans
Therefore No. of $2 notes = 61- 25 = 36. Ans.
Check: ($5 x 25) + ($2 x 36) = $125 + $72 = $197.
Supposition/Assumption Concept (if)
Supposition Concept - Video

5]. Pattern Concept

These type of problem sums, these Math questions can be thought of as puzzles. Depending on how good your spatial and temporal skills are, Math questions that uses the Pattern Concept can be the one of the easiest and challenging question.
The key to solving these questions is to link what you see in the puzzle to familiar numbers. There is no fixed way to solve such questions and there are usually more than one way of solving them.
Example Pattern Question:
Maths Heuristics-Pattern Question

1] Are the shapes the same? Observe the Pattern for its arrangement.
2] As each row inreased by 2 and subseqent rows made up of odd numbers after 1.
Therefore for Figure 8: 8 rows of 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 11 + 13 + 15.
Using Rainbow method to solve it
Rainbow method
No of pairs of 16 = 8/2 = 4
No of chocolates in Figure 8 = 4 x 16 = 64 Ans

Another short-cut method to solve this same Pattern question.
Using square-root method:
(Fig 1 is 1 x 1 = 1). ( Fig 2 is 2 x 2 = 4). (Fig 3 is 3 x 3 = 9).
Therefore Fig 8 is 8 x 8 = 64 Ans.

6]. Value and Unit Concept

The ratio of $2 and $5 notes is 2:3.
Total vale is $38. How much of each notes are there?
Let v = value and u = unit.
Value $2 $5
Units - 2u : 3u
vu - - - 4vu 15vu
19vu > $38
1vu > $2
Threfore 4vu = $8 and 15vu = $30 Ans.
You can watch this video for details:
Six heuristics for PSLE Maths - Video

Heuristic skills have empowered the A-Star Maths students to solve the increasingly difficult PSLE Maths problem sums.

For Example in 2013:
Question: One printing machine took 70 minutes while another took 100 minutes to print the same number of copies of a newsletter. The faster machine printed 6 more copies of the newsletter per minute than the slower one.
a). the slower machine completed the job at 1pm. At what time the printing started?
b). What was the total number of copies printed by 2 machines?
For Example in 2017:
Question: Jess needs 200 pieces of ribbon, each of 110 cm length, to decorate a room for a party. Ribbon is sold in rolls of 25cm each. What is the least number of ribbon rolls that Jess needs to buy?
For Example: Percentage Question:-

2019 PSLE Math Question

Jamie and Oliver used $61.20 each to buy some egg tarts. Jamie has a 15% discount coupon and bought 6 more egg tarts than Oliver.
a) How many egg tarts did Jamie buy?
b) What is the cost of an egg tart without discount?
a) How many egg tarts did Jamie buy?
Egg tarts-2
Jamie bought 40 egg tarts
an egg tart $1.80
PSLE Percentage Question
PSLE Percentage Question - Video

For Example: Geometry Question:-

2019 PSLE Math Question: 5 Semi circles (Geometry Question)

Question: The figure consists of 5 identical semi-circles arranged as shown.
Find the Diameter of one of the semi-circles.
Find diameter
1]. Move in 12 cm to see the next result:
Move 12 cm
2]. Let us separate the 2 semi-circles to see both sides of 10cm clearer.
10 cm
3]. Let's move the right side in by 12 cm:

4]. Now see the centre Blue semi-circle for thr answer:
Ans 36 cm
PSLE Geometry Question
PSLE Geometry Question - Video

For Example: Pattern Question

2019 PSLE Maths Pattern Question below:

a] Fill in the table above.
b] Find the total number of grey triangles that Figure 250 has.
c] What is the percentage of grey triangles in Figure 250?
Note: This question consists of (a), (b), (c) and many got stuck at (c) which requires the students to find the percentage of grey triangles in Figure 250.
[1] Let square each number see below:
Sq the number
Note: We also found the relationship of Figure No X Figure No = Total No.
(Example: 2 x 2 = 4, 3 x 3 = 9, 4 x 4 = 16, 5 x 5 = 25)
[2] Let substrate the white & grey triangles see below:
Substrate white & grey triangles
Note: Main Idea to find the No of Grey triangles (Smaller number) see below:
Let us draw a simple Model Diagram, one for smaller No. and another for Bigger No. So we can see the Difference. (see below):
smaller number
For example Figure 2. To find the Smaller number: see below
For example Figure 2. To find the Bigger number: see below
Bigger grey number
Figure 5. To find the Smaller number: see below
Grey Triangle in fig 5
b] Find the total number of grey triangles that Figure 250 has.
Fig 250
white triangles
PSLE Pattern Question
PSLE Pattern Question - Video

PSLE Maths Tuition

PSLE Mathematics is a subject that the students have to learn and enjoy it. It is like a passion for students to do and practice the challenging questions. The students recognized that Mathematics is an important subject and need to master it.
Some students find it very easy because they like to learn and practice the past PSLE Mathematics examination papers. Some students learn how to mind-mapping and do the revision immediately after each class lesson. Normally this is their first revision which they can remember up to 90% of what was taught in class lesson.aster machine
Yes, sometimes they missed a step or two when the teacher was explaining in the class lesson. The teacher will explain again in the next lesson. For those who have PSLE Maths tuition at home can also ask their PSLE Maths tutor to explain again in details.

PSLE Maths Tutor makes the Subject Interesting

It is important to understand the basic of the mathematical vocabulary, rules, formulas, theorems and concepts. It is the process of learning and memorise them. The PSLE Maths Tutors tutoring the subject like to ensure the students are well learned and followed.

Mathematics is a Pre-requisite Subject in Singapore

Since, Mathematics is a compulsory and a pre-requisite subject for primary and secondary education. Students get promoted to next level with a satified graded result in each year. For this requirement, it is a growing needs to focus on the basic mathematical principles to strengthen the student understanding. The goal is to build up the basic foundation of understanding the mathematical rules. All PSLE Maths tutors need to ensure that is happening in the PSLE Maths tuition lessons.
Students have the responsibility to master this subject. The Primary Maths tutors are responsible to inject fun to make the student feels good and enjoy the learning. It is a challenging for both the student and the PSLE Maths tutor to work together, in order to make it an interesting and enjoyable.
primary math tuition
Primary Math Tuition

PSLE Math Requires Different Approach to Solve

Yes, there are different types of question which requires different approach to solve them. It is very naturally how those good maths students develop good study skills in problem solving and tackle difficult Exams questions. Most of students like this few favour words: "Practice, practice and more practice"
It is to gain more experience from different type of questions that they do and practice.
It is the understanding of the basic of mathematical vocabulary, rules, formulas and the theorems including a lot of practice with the past ten years Examination Papers. Keep up with the right strategies and the right help from Primary Math tutor and Primary Math tutor can build up a love for Mathematics. This is a great challenge for each individual student to know that Ask, you will get. Most people like to help if you ask for it. So the PSLE Math tutor is the best person for you to ask how to solve those difficult questions and he is more willing to help you. That is the reason - why it stated that "Ask and you will get it". This is an important good habit.

1) Student Having Trouble with Mathematical Computations.

  • We go back to basis and begin with your child’s current sources of struggle. Our best Primary Mathematics tutor will eliminates the child’s past struggles first. This gives a chance to get into the root of the problems. From here we can devise a plan to overcome this problem and other short coming. Simple computations are at the basis of the daily mathematical activities. Our Primary Mathematics tutor will train the child build up the confident and knowledge to solve different basic of mathematical formulas, theorems and rules when performing the daily school works and other challenging problems.

2) Challenging Problems Giving the Student Anxiety.

  • Our reliable Primary Mathematics tutor who is your child guidance who is well trained academically to solve all kind of mathematical problems. Together, as a team, they can address all the necessary need of the child’s Mathematics questions. Our Primary Mathematics tutor will continue guide your child in the best approach for all Mathematics problems. In this approach, the child also improve the reading comprehension which gives him the skills to solving Mathematics problems. The progress of the child is partly base on the examination result which is a true evident of the knowledge and application.

3) Student Struggling with higher Challenging Mathematical problems.

  • From the home PSLE Maths tuition guidance, your child will feel confident enough to apply the strong foundational skills to solve all those higher challenging problems. Your child will not be intimidated by those challenging and complex problems or equations.
  • Remember: A Genius is 1% talent and 99% is hard working.
    Our team of PSLE Maths tutors know it is their job and responsibility to ensure they deliver promising results to the child at all times.

PSLE Mathematics Tutor

Since you are looking for a good PSLE Mathematics tutor at this website, we encourage you to put in your Request-Tutor.
Let your child experience the dreaming of educational success.
Don’t wait. Start taking PSLE Maths tuition today.
Best PSLE Maths tuition Online in Singapore. Join the best Primary School Video Based Maths Tuition Online. Register & Start Learning Online Now!

Singapore Tuition Rates Guide.

Student Level
Part-Time Tutor
Full-Time Tutor
School Teachers
Pre-School $20-$25/hr $30-$40/hr $50-$55/hr
Pr1~3/ $25-$30/hr $35-$40/hr $50-$60/hr
Pr4~6 $25-$35/hr $35-$50/hr $55-$70/hr
Sec1~2/ IP1~2 $25-$35/hr $35-$45/hr $65-$70/hr
Sec3~4/ IP3~4 $25-$40/hr $45-$50/hr $65-$80/hr
Junior College JC 1~2 $50-$65/hr $60-$80/hr $90-$130/hr
IGCSE (Year1~6) $25-$40/hr $40-$50/hr =
IGCSE (Year7~10) $35-$50/hr $45-$80/hr =
IB-Dip yr11~12 $55-$70/hr $70-$90/hr =
Poly Diploma $65/hr $65-$70/hr =
University $70/hr $70/hr =
Programming $65/hr $65-$70/hr =
We reserved the rights to change at any time.

New PSLE Scoring System

From 2021 onwards, the PSLE will be scored with wider bands and the scores will reflect the student’s individual performance and not his performance relative to his peers.
Children who were in Primary 1 in 2016 will be the first batch to experience this new PSLE Scoring System.
(Read more...)

Request for PSLE Math Tutor

To engage a home PSLE Math tutor, please submit the Request-Tutor-Form or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable home PSLE Math tutor for you, as per your Request-Form.
Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.

Changes to the PSLE scoring and Sec-1 posting

Changes to the PSLE scoring.
New PSLE scoring System -Video

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