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The Challenges: Students faced in learning the Chinese Language

Your child is facing the following issues and you are not alone in Singapore.
1) Lack of Interest in learning Chinese Language
Your child lack of interest and feeling not confident in speaking, reading or use of the Chinese Language.
2) Having difficulty In scoring A* or A1
Your child has difficulty achieving high scores due to the lack of exposure and knowledge on crucial composition writing, oral conversational skills and comprehension answering techniques.
3) Phobia of learning Chinese Language
Your child has a phobia of learning the Chinese Language due to his limited vocabulary, grammar knowledge and basic writing skills.

The Challenges: Parents faced in tutoring their Children at home

Do you find it difficults to tutoring Chinese language to your children at home? You are not alone.
a) Uncertainty of how to tutor on your own.
Are you uncertain of the updates of the MOE curriculum for the Chinese Language and may be lack of the right skills and strategies to best tutoring your child?
b) Lack of resources
Do you have difficulty sourcing for quality Chinese reading materials, guide-books, notes and practising assessment-books for your child?
c) Lack of tutoring skills of the Chinese language.
Are you able to help your child in his daily Chinese assessment-work? You are not alone because of an English-speaking home environment and lack of tutoring skills of the Chinese Language.

The Best Chinese Tuition in Singapore

We have a wide-range of qualified Chinese Tutors who provide Chinese Tuition for the following:
(Either Home Tuition or Online Tuition).
  • Primary Chinese Tuition
  • Primary Higher Chinese Tuition
  • PSLE Chinese Tuition
  • Secondary Chinese Tuition
  • Secondary Higher Chinese Tuition
  • IP Chinese Tuition
  • N Level Chinese Tuition
  • O Level Chinese Tuition
  • A Level Chinese Tuition
  • JC Chinese Tuition
  • H1 Chinese Tuition
  • IGCSE Chinese Tuition
  • IB Chinese Tuition
  • IB SL Chinese Tuition
  • IB HL Chinese Tuition
  • Private Chinese Tuition
  • Adult Conversational Chinese Tuition
  • Preschool Chinese Tuition

Looking for good Chinese Tuition in Singapore?

Do you want to excel in Chinese subjects? Are you looking for a good Chinese tutor who provides effective Chinese tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for - Primary, Secondary O-level, JC A-level Chinese subjects. We can fulfill your requirements as per your request. Our Chinese tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective tuition at your home.
For best Chinese tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition We are proud to be among the best tuition agency in Singapore that have the best Chinese tutors in Singapore.
Send us a Request- Form now. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. Tel: 9385-5548.

IGCSE-Chinese Tuition Singapore

Singaporean population constituted of Chinese, Malay, Indian and others. The Chinese language is one of the mother tongues that is offered by Schools in Singapore. Many students encounter difficulties when studying the Chinese language.
In fact, Singapore is a country with diversity, most of the citizen don't speak their own mother tongue at home. Majority of the peoples speak English including communicating with other friends of different races. Yes in Singapore, the official working language is English. This is part of the reason and it is so natural to communicate in English.
  • This is one of the reason that many students are weaker in Mother Tongue. The difficulty is due to lack of practice speaking and understanding. The negligence towards our mother tongue is increasing day by day.
  • At home, many parents communicate in English with their children daily. This gives their children not chance to speak their mother tongue - Chinese language. Therefore, the weakness in Chinese language is there and requires extra help by the Chinese tutor
  • Most of the Chinese Tutors are familiar with the latest syllabus taught in Schools (Primary, Secondary and JC-level), including the IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education and IB - International Baccalaureate. Many of these IGCSE Chinese Tutors also tutoring IGCSE and IB Chinese to the students from International Schools in Singapore.
  • For students who are weak in specific topics like, Chinese composition and comprehension, the Chinese tutors will customize the work-sheets and teaching materials to focus and drill them on that specific topics.
  • The HL Chinese tutors are academic strong and the approach is to make HL Chinese tuition lessons interesting, enjoyable and lively to students and with fun learning it.
  • Students who are consistently performing well academically, achieving higher percentage of distinctions, even in the IGCSE - International General Certificate of Secondary Education and IB - International Baccalaureate as well. They also take the Chinese tuition just to maintain their school grades.
chinese-tutors-sg Chinese Tutors
In Singapore, the Chinese language is an important subject as well as the other two languages.
In business, we are dealing closely with surrounding countries like, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China and many other countries.
Most Singaporean realized that Chinese language that our children are learning in School is for the future growth. There are many listed businesses have operation in China and they need Chinese speaking staffs to manage the operation in Management.
Languages teaching are Chinese, Malay, Tamil and others in this multi-cultural nation because this added new opportunity for our children. Many Singaporean are able to speak and write at least two languages and some even take the advantage to learn the third language.

Learn Higher Level Chinese in School

Higher Level Chinese is for those children who are good in both written and oral. Usually, the Chinese speaking home children has higher percentage that are good in Chinese therefore they are selected to learn HL Chinese in School. It is very interesting to see the students in English School speaking Chinese language with their peer. HL Chinese tutors are trained to make learning Chinese interesting to the students.

Learn Chinese Language through play

Young students love to play, therefore Chinese tutor create games as mediums to teach Chinese language. This helps students to remember words easier through role play. They act and response to the questioning and answering of their peer. From the role play, it helps the students to communicate and remember what they learn.

Don’t Rush the Child to learn Chinese Language

It is very important to let the children learn the Chinese language at their own pace. The reason is to ensure that they get interested and like the subject. The support from the parent does help to motivate the child and helps to gains confidence. Any dislike in learning the Chinese language, the child may need help from the Chinese tutor With the help from the one-to-one Chinese Tuition can give the child the opportunity to express itself and put it to practice with the Chinese tutor guide.

Use Pictorial Images and Graphics

Students love pictures and animated graphical characters. Since the Chinese characters derive from the actual picture 500 years ago. The Chinese tutor can use some creativity and transform Chinese characters to some pictorial images for the students to understand how it had derived from the past creation. Children will find it fun and understand how the individual word was created. A good Chinese tutor will encourage and motivate the student towards better understanding in learning the Chinese language. It is wise to engage a good Chinese tutor to provide the necessary tuition besides the child attending the normal classes in school.
chinese-teacher-sg Chinese Teacher

Singapore Tuition Rates guide.

Student Level
Part-Time Tutor
Full-Time Tutor
School Teachers
Pre-School $20-25/hr $30-40/hr $50-55/hr
Pr1~3/ $25-$30/hr $35-40/hr $50-60/hr
Pr4~6 $25-35/hr $35-50/hr $55-70/hr
Sec1~2/ IP1~2 $25-35/hr $35-45/hr $65-70/hr
Sec3~4/ IP3~4 $25-40/hr $45-50/hr $65-80/hr
Junior College JC 1~2 $50-65/hr $60-80/hr $90-130/hr
IGCSE (Year1~6) $25-40/hr $40-50/hr =
IGCSE (Year7~10) $35-50/hr $45-80/hr =
IB-Dip yr11~12 $55-70/hr $70-90/hr =
Poly Diploma $65/hr $65-70/hr =
University $70/hr $70/hr =
Programming $65/hr $65-$70/hr =
We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Request for Home Chinese Tutor

To engage a home Chinese tutor, please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable home Chinese tutor for you, as per your Request-Form. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.

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