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#42: Pre-school Tuition Singapore (K1, K2)

MOE-Kindergarten K1 and K2 in Singapore

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be running 18 new Kindergartens Centres in various part of Singapore. With the opening of the 3 new kindergartens in Punggol, there will be a total of 18 MOE-run kindergartens next year in Singapore.
Compulsory Education was implemented in Singapore in 2003. The first cohort of pupils under Compulsory Education is Singapore Citizen children born between 2nd January 1996 and 1st January 1997 who are residing in Singapore.
K2 tuition

Pre-school Education

The main aim of a pre-school is to start building the basis foundation for the young children embarking on their first step in a journey of lifelong learning. The learning starts as young as 2 years old in nursery classes for 2 years. Thereafter, another 2 years in the Kindergartens classes to learn the Social Consciousness, Personal Responsibility, Independence, Life Skills and Personal Attention including basis English, Mathematics and their mother tongue.
  • Social Consciousness: Children are guided to learn from one another, building their communication skills, leadership ability and spirit of cooperation.
  • Personal Responsibility: A stationery store created especially for children allows them to build their financial skills and responsibility.
  • Independence:  Give children the tools they need to search out solutions to the obstacles they face.
  • Freedom to Learn: A structured, supervised environment lets the children choose not just what they want to learn, but how they want to learn.
  • Life Skills: Playrooms provide children with opportunities to build their motor skills, concentration spans and emotional self-regulation.
  • Personal Attention: Low student-teacher ratios starting at 1 teacher for every 6 children in nursery help ensure that every child enjoys individual attention.

MOE Kindergartens in Singapore

3 New MOE Kindergartens Opening in 2026 and 2027!

  • 1). The Ministry of Education's (MOE) planned expansion to provide parents with more choices for quality and affordable pre-school places, three new MOE Kindergartens will be opening in 2026 and 2027, bringing the total number of MOE Kindergartens to 60, with 43 in operation and 17 that will open between 2023 and 2027.
  • 2). The three new MOE Kindergartens are: Pioneer (in 2026), Rivervale (in 2027) and Townsville (in 2027). More details are in Table 1. All three MOE Kindergartens are sited within primary schools and will offer about 120 to 200 K1 places each. With the opening of these three MOE Kindergartens, there will be about 8,300 K1 places across 60 MOE Kindergartens by 2027.
  • 3). Registration for admission to K1 for the new MOE Kindergartens opening in 2026 and 2027 will take place in February of the year prior to its opening, and more details on the registration will be released in early 2025 and 2026 respectively.
  • 4). The MOE Kindergartens curriculum is designed by pre-school specialists to nurture children holistically to be confident, possess strong social skills and have a good foundation in literacy and numeracy. All MOE Kindergartens offer the three Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) – Chinese, Malay and Tamil – to encourage bilingualism in the early years and help lay a strong foundation for language learning in the later years. MOE Kindergarten students will also enjoy priority admission to the primary school that the MOE Kindergarten is located within, and benefit from a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Primary 1 within the same environment.
  • 5). For parents who require a full-day care service for their child, Kindergarten Care (KCare) services are available in all MKs from Mondays to Fridays, 7am to 7pm, including the school holidays.
  • 6). More information about MOE Kindergartens can be found at
  • 7). MOE is working with the Ministry of Social and Family Development and operators to expand capacity and raise early childhood education standards, through the new Early Childhood Development Agency.
  • 8). It provides an additional support to boost the basic literacy and innumeracy skills assistance to more Kindergartens Centres. 
  • 9). It plans to extend up to 22 more primary schools to help students with special needs education (Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism) to build strong foundation in English language literacy and innumeracy skills.
Preschool-tuition-sg Pre-school Tuition
In early 2025 and 2026 respectively.
Year of Opening
New MOE Kindergarten and Address
MOE Kindergarten @ Pioneer2

Pioneer Primary School
(To be located in the Plantation District of Tengah. Exact location will be made known at a later date.)
MOE Kindergarten @ Rivervale

Rivervale Primary School
80 Rivervale Drive, Singapore 545092
MOE Kindergarten @ Townsville

Townsville Primary School
3 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 569730
Table 1: New MOE Kindergarten opening in 2026 and 2027


7 New MOE Kindergartens in Singapore.

Here are the names and details of the 7 new MOE Kindergartens:
  1. MOE Kindergarten @ Greendale
    Greendale Primary School, 50 Edgedale Plains, Singapore 828848
  2. MOE Kindergarten @ Cedar
    Cedar Primary School, 15 Cedar Avenue, Singapore 349700
  3. MOE Kindergarten @ Mayflower
    Mayflower Primary School, 200 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Singapore 569878
  4. MOE Kindergarten @ Meridian
    Meridian Primary School, 20 Pasir Ris St 71, Singapore 518798 
  5. MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines Primary
    Tampines Primary School, 250 Tampines Street 12, Singapore 529426
  6. MOE Kindergarten @ West View
    West View Primary School, 31 Senja Road, Singapore 677742
  7. MOE Kindergarten @ Zhenghua
    Zhenghua Primary School, 9 Fajar Road, Singapore 679002

Kindergarten Education: First Step to Learning

Pre-school N1~N2 and K1~2: The Early Childhood Education before entering primary school is essential in preparing the child cognitively and emotionally. There are certain rules on social behaviour and some cognitive skills that can be learnt that will prove to be useful later on, not just in the higher level of learning but in future working life.

Dyslexic Children Dyslexic-Tuition

Dyslexic Child has difficulty in learning to read
Letter and number reversals are a common warning sign of dyslexia
Dyslexia can be related to hereditary, hormonal influences, brain injury
Ideally, the treatment of dyslexia involves planning between the parents and the teachers
Diagnosis of dyslexia involves reviewing the child's processing of information from seeing, hearing, and participating in activities. Read more about Dyslexia

Autism (ASD) ChildrenK1 tuition

Autism, a condition that affects the way a person makes sense of the world and relates to others. A number of traits of Autism are common to Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder is known as Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) including:
Social communication and Interaction Deficits:

a). Social Reciprocity - How the child responds and reciprocates in social interactions?

b). Joint Attention - Wanting to share an interest with someone (Hey, lets check this awesome thing I found),

c). Non-verbal Communication - Using non-verbal communication by itself or interpreting non-verbal cues from someone,

d). Social Relationships - Having trouble developing and maintaining friends.

Restricted or Repetitive behavior, interests, activities:

a). Lining up toys in a ritualistic way or fiapping ones hands or imitating words or phrases.

b). The child might be fixed on certain routines - like taking the same route everyday to school.

c). Restrictive Thinking and Specific Knowledge - the child might has restricted patterns of interest like having a very specific and in-depth knowledge of the vacuum cleaner at home.

d). Children with ASD might exhibit one or more of this deficits and vary in how severe the deficit is. With that in mind, it is important to remember that each child with ASD is going to have a different spectrum of symptoms and deficits.

Many children with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) are able to adapt to learning in a mainstream school setting. With the right support and encouragement, they are able to make good progress and go on to further education and employment options. Read more about Autism (ASD)

Home Tuition Fee (Rates per hour)

Student Level
Undergrad A-level
Full-time tutor (Degree)
Educational Therapist Tutor
$65/hour for Special Needs
Pr-1 | yr-1
$65/hour for Special Needs

(We reserved the rights to change the rates at any time)

Request for Private Home Pre-School Tutor

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