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Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) Tuition

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Additional-Maths Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, Additional Mathematics (also known as A-Maths or Add-Maths) is an optional subject offered to students in Secondary School who have an aptitude in Mathematics. Students are in either Normal Academic (NA) stream or Express stream. The syllabus covered is slightly more in depth as compared to Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths). Additional Mathematics (A-Maths or Add-Maths) is also a prerequisite for students who are intending to take H2 Mathematics at A-level if they choose to enter Junior College after Secondary School. Students without Additional Maths or Add-Maths at the O-level will usually offer H1 or H2 Mathematics in the first year in Singapore Junior College (JC).

S'pore-Cambridge General Certificate Education (GCE) O-level Format 

It is formatted for the Express stream and Normal Academic (NA) stream for the Additional Mathematics paper is as follows:
a] Paper 1 (Duration 2 Hours)
A variety of compulsory questions are being set, with a mark weighting from 1 mark to maximum mark of 7. The total weighting of the paper is 80 marks and constitutes to 44% of the O-level Additional Mathematics grade.
b] Paper 2 (Duration 2 Hours 30 Minutes)
A variety of compulsory questions are set. One of the questions would be a plotting question where one is required to plot a given graph on to a piece of graph paper. This can be either tested in Paper 1 or Paper 2. The total weighting of the paper is 100 marks and constitutes to 56% of the O-level Additional Mathematics grade.
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A-Maths Tuition

Topics are Tested in Additional Mathematics New Syllabus (4049)

The Additional Mathematics Tuition - is teaching the students a systematic and understanding of each topic in the New A-Math syllabus (4049):
Topics are: Differentiation, Integration, Advanced Trigonometry, Binomial Expansion, Surds, Indices, Plane Geometry and many more;
  • Simultaneous Equations with two unknowns
  • Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  • Polynomials and Partial fractions
  • Indices and Surds, Exponential and Logarithmic functions
  • Binomial Expansions
  • Modulus functions
  • Coordinate Geometry in two dimensions
  • Proofs in Plane Geometry (in the new syllabus)
  • Trigonometric functions, Identities and Equations
  • Differentiation and Integration
There are some changes made to the A-Math syllabus (4049):
2022 A-Maths syllabus link below. (Read more...)
  • For Trigonometry, students no longer need to know the Factor formula or its reverse, the Product formula. (For H2 Maths, the Product formula is useful in the integration of some trigonometric functions)
  • Students no longer need to know the inverse matrix method of solving simultaneous equations.
  • In Power, Exponential, Logarithmic and Modulus functions, candidates need to learn power functions y = axn whereas n is a simple rational number and its graphs
  • Sum and differences of cubes in Polynomials (in the new syllabus)
  • Intercept, Intersecting chord and Tangent-secant theorem. (in the new syllabus)


In Singapore, mathematics is a compulsory subject for all students. It is a highly valued academic subject. It involves critical thinking and requires a good understanding of the subject. Mathematics is highly applicable in real life application. From simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division method to more advance methods, like professional applications: engineering, banking, accounting, investing and managing personal fund. The Mathematics subject plays a vital role in all human being’s everyday life and working career.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Education (MOE) had raised the standards of the mathematics curriculum every three to five years. The parent also find it difficults to help the child. It is becoming difficult for both parents and child in the Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Therefore, it is becoming necessary to get extra assistance from the Mathematics Tutors beside the school.
Additional Maths Tuition
Add Math tuition Add Math tuition


Stanford Tuition will search and find the best Additional Mathematics Tutors with the most cost effective and capable tutor in Singapore. We like to see your child to succeed in the best possible ways.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

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$50 - 70

$85 - 100

IP5 (JC-1) yr11

$40 - 50

$55 - 70

$90 - 110

IP6 (JC-2) yr12

$40 - 50

$60 - 70

$90 - 120


Our Additional Mathematics tutors teach the students how to simplify the topics. The tutors provide clearer explanation and guide them to answer the questions in an appropriate and interesting way. The students then develop a sustainable and strong interest in learning the Additional Mathematics topics. Our best Add-Mathematics Tutors tutoring the students to understand the basics and select the examinations related questions for them to practice and able the students to perform well in their examinations.
More importantly, our tutor travels to your home for the comfort and safety of your child.
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