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IGCSE Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

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Do you want to excel in your Mathematics subjects? Are you looking for a good IGCSE Mathematics tutor who provides effective IGCSE Mathematics Tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Primary, Secondary O-level IGCSE Mathematics subject. We will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Our IGCSE Mathematics Tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective IGCSE Mathematics Tuition at your home or online.
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IGCSE Maths Tuition in Singapore

IGCSE Mathematics is a subject that most of the students need to love it. It is a love passion and likes to do and practice the challenging problem. Majority of the students recognized that Mathematics is an important subject and need to master it. Some students find it very easy because they like to do and practice other school's past exam papers. Some students practising mind-mapping or do the revision immediately after the class lesson. This is their first revision which they can remember over 90% of what was taught in class Mathematics lesson
Yes, sometimes we do missed the step when the Mathematics teacher was explaining in the class lesson. It is good to ask the Mathematics teacher to explain again in the next Mathematics lesson. Those who have Mathematics tuition can also ask the home IGCSE Maths tutor to explain in details with more examples.
IGCSE-Maths tuition
IGCSE Maths Tuition
Mathematics Tutor
Sec IGCSE Maths Tuition

E-Maths or IGCSE Maths Tutor keeps it Interesting & Fun

It is important to understand the basic of the mathematical vocabulary, rules, formulas, theorems and concepts. It is the process of learning and memorise them. Most Sec IGCSE Maths Tutors tutoring the above stated like to ensure the students are well-learned and followed.

Sec Mathematics & IGCSE Maths is a Pre-requisite Subject

Mathematics (Sec Maths & IGCSE Maths) is a compulsory and a pre-requisite subject for secondary education. Students get promoted to next level with a satisfied graded result in each year. For this requirement, it is a growing needs to focus on the basic mathematical principles to strengthen the student understanding. The goal is to build up the basic foundation of understanding the mathematical rules. All Mathematics tutors need to ensure that is happening in the Sec Maths or IGCSE Maths lessons.
Students have the responsibility to master this subject: Secondary IGCSE Mathematics. The Mathematics tutors are responsible to inject fun to make the student feels good and enjoy the lesson and learning. It is a challenging for both the students and the Mathematics tutor to work together, in order to make the IGCSE Mathematics lessons an interesting and enjoyable subject.

Method and Approach to IGCSE Maths Tuition

Yes, there are different types of question which requires different approach to solve them. It is very naturally how those good Maths students develop good study skills in problem solving and tackle difficult challenging Examination questions. Most of students like this few favour words:"Practice and more practice" It is to gain more experience from different type of questions.
It is the understanding of the basic of mathematical vocabulary, rules, formulas and the theorems including a lot of practice with the past ten years Exam Papers. Keep up with the right strategies and the right help from IGCSE Mathematics teacher who can build up a love for Mathematics. This is a great challenge for each individual student to know this words: "Ask and they can help you".
Most people like to help if you ask for it. So the IGCSE Mathematics teacher is the best person for you to ask how to solve those challenging difficult questions and he is more willing to help you. That is the reason, it is stated that "Ask, and you will get". This is an important tip and you must make it as a good habit.

Struggling with the E-Maths & IGCSE Maths

1). Child Having Trouble with Mathematical Computations.
We go back to basis and begin with your child’s current sources of struggle. Our best Mathematics tutor will eliminates the child’s past struggles first. This gives a chance to get into the root of the problems. From here we can devise a plan to overcome this problem and other short coming. Simple computations are at the basis of the daily mathematical activities.

Our Mathematics tutor will train the students to build their confident and knowledge to solve different basic of mathematical questions including vocabulary, rules, formulas and the theorems when performing the daily school works and many other challenging questions.
2). Challenging Mathematics Problems Giving the Students Anxiety.
Our reliable Mathematics tutor who is your child guidance who is well trained academically to solve all kind of mathematical problems. Together, as a team, they can address all the necessary need of the child’s Mathematics questions. Our tutor will continue guide your child in the best approach for all Mathematics problems. In this approach, the child also improve the reading comprehension which gives him the skills to solving Mathematics problems. The progress of the child and the examination result is a true evident of the knowledge and application.
3). Students Struggling with Higher Challenging Mathematical Problems.
From the home Mathematics tuition guidance, your child will feel confident enough to apply the strong foundational skills to solve all those higher challenging questions. Your child will not be intimidated by those challenging and complex questions or equations.
Our team of Mathematics tutors know it is their job and responsibility to ensure they deliver promising results to the student at all times.
a) All teachers appointed for Sec IGCSE Maths Tuition in Singapore are selected only after careful scrutiny of their qualifications including their individual passion for teaching and experience.
b) Our NIE trained teachers can teach every students in a unique style according to the learning pace of each student.
c) We personally assist all parents for all their needs when it comes to Sec IGCSE Maths Tuition in Singapore.
d) We have the largest number of IGCSE Maths tutors in Singapore that have successfully been matched with hundreds of students in the past and helped them remain ahead of others.

List of topics that are covered in Sec Mathematics Tuition:

IGCSE Mathematics | Secondary Mathematics Syllabus

1. Indices
2. Quadratic Equations
3. Linear Inequalities
4. Functions and Graphs
5. Coordinate Geometry
6. Congruence and Similarity
7. Properties of Circles
8. Trigonometry
9. Applications of Trigonometr
10. Arc Lengths and Sector Areas
11. Quartiles and Percentiles
12. Graphs in Practical Situation
13. Data Analysis
(Standard Deviation, Cumulative Frequency Diagrams, etc)
14. Vectors
15. Probability

Laws of Indices

The Laws of Indices are first introduced to Secondary 2 and year 8 level, and some schools do teach this topic with the learning aid online with teacher formal teaching. The plural of index is indices. Students need to understand the basis: Laws of Indices. It is a number of rules or laws, which are used to simplify expressions of indices.

Laws of Indices - Part 1 video shows 4 Laws.

The Laws of indices make complex sums involving powers much easier. There are six Laws, we need to know and understand.
Laws of indices (Part 1).
Part 1 shows Four Laws of indices - Video

Laws of Indices - Part 2 video shows 2 Laws: Negatives and Fractions.

In this Part 2 video, we are looking at what happens with negative indices and fractional indices. You already viewed and know the other 4 ‘Laws of Indices’ at Part 1 video.
Laws of indices (Part 2: Negatives & Fractions).
Part 2 shows: (Negatives & Fractions) next 4 Laws of indices - Video

Engaging a Good Home Mathematics Tutor

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"A Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work"- Einstein

Singapore Tuition Rates guide.

Student Level
Part-Time Tutor
Full-Time Tutor
School Teachers
Pre-School $20-25/hr $30-40/hr $50-55/hr
Pr1~3/ $25-$30/hr $35-40/hr $50-60/hr
Pr4~6 $25-35/hr $35-50/hr $55-70/hr
Sec1~2/ IP1~2 $25-35/hr $35-50/hr $65-70/hr
Sec3~4/ IP3~4 $25-40/hr $45-50/hr $65-80/hr
Junior College JC 1~2 $50-65/hr $60-80/hr $90-130/hr
IGCSE (Year1~6) $25-40/hr $40-50/hr =
IGCSE (Year7~10) $35-50/hr $45-80/hr =
IB-Dip yr11~12 $55-70/hr $70-90/hr =
Poly Diploma $65/hr $65-70/hr =
University $70/hr $70/hr =
Programming $65/hr $65-$70/hr =
We reserved the rights to change at any time.

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On this lesson, you will learn how to graph linear inequalities on the coordinate plane and everything you need to know about solving and graphing inequalities.
How to graph linear inequalities?
How to graph linear inequalities - Video

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