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Primary Chinese Tuition Singapore

Three Challenges: Students faced in learning the Chinese Language

Your child is facing the following issues and you are not alone in Singapore.
1) Lack of Interest in learning Chinese Language
Your child lack of interest and feeling not confident in speaking, reading or use of the Chinese Language.
2) Having difficulty In scoring A* or A1
Your child has difficulty achieving high scores due to the lack of exposure and knowledge on crucial composition writing, oral conversational skills and comprehension answering techniques.
3) Phobia of learning Chinese Language
Your child has a phobia of learning the Chinese Language due to his limited vocabulary, grammar knowledge and basic writing skills.

Three Challenges: Parents faced in tutoring their Children at home

Do you have any difficulties tutoring Chinese language to your children at home? You are not alone.
a) Uncertainty of how to tutoring on your own.
Are you uncertain of the updates of the MOE curriculum for the Chinese Language and may be lack of the right skills and strategies to best tutoring your child?
b) Lack of resources and materials.
Do you have difficulty sourcing for quality Chinese reading materials, guide-books, notes and practising assessment-books for your child?
c) Lack of tutoring skills of the Chinese language.
Are you able to help your child in his daily Chinese assessment-work? You are not alone because of an English-speaking home environment and lack of tutoring skills of the Chinese Language.

Looking for good Chinese Tuition in Singapore?

Do you want to excel in this subject - Chinese Language? Are you looking for a good Chinese Tutor who provides effective Chinese tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Primary, Secondary O-level, JC A-level subjects. We will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Our Chinese Tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective Chinese tuition at your home.
For best Primary Chinese tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition. We are proud to be among the best tuition agency in Singapore. We have the best tutors in Singapore.
Send us a Request-tutor Form now. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. Tel: 9385-5548.

Mother Tongue is Chinese dialect language

Mother Tongue is Chinese dialect language (i.e. language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group) for majority of the Chinese community in Singapore. We recognizing that for some, the earliest language may be lost, a process known as language attrition. Our official working language is English in Singapore; English was adopted from the Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth.
Therefore, each community by natural the mother tongue is important for their children to speak, read and write. In this case is Chinese language also known as Mandarin. The Chinese community name it as Second language in School.

Can Primary Students having same attention and absorbing power?

Every student is different when it comes to learning different language. In the classroom Chinese Teachers are expected to cover the syllabus within the term period, therefore the time and pace of teaching has to be kept. Not every student can adapt to the pace because each has its own grasping level. In class, Chinese Teacher is always trying to provide individual attention but some students who are still struggling to pass the grade.

Is parents speaking Chinese/ Mandarin at home

In this modern days setting, we live and play in a multi-racial nation; many of us speak English with our friends and some even at home. Some parents do not speak Chinese language at home. They speak English with their partner and children.
Singapore official working language is English; hence we tend to speak English language at home; ending our child is struggling to pass the grade for either the Chinese or Higher Chinese examination.
Most parents are busy at work and the best alternative way is to arrange for private home Chinese tuition to overcome this set back.

One-to-One Chinese Tuition

With this one-to-one home Chinese tuition; it gives the student a good opportunity to read and speak the language with the tutor. The Chinese Tutor can correct the mistakes and explain it in details to the student on the spot. Through Chinese tuition, the student has more opportunities to practise and speak the Chinese language and gains fluency of the language.

Stanford Tuition provides the good Chinese Tutors

Stanford Tuition is here to help you to select the best Chinese tutor for the Chinese tuition. This defies the whole objective of a home Chinese tuition and giving the personal attention to the student. However, the logistical issues like getting the right Chinese Tutor who live within the neighbourhood that reduce travelling time and getting the most convenient time slot for each student.
For best Chinese tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition. We are proud to be among the best Chinese Tuition Agency in Singapore. We have the best Chinese Tutor in Singapore.
Send us a Request-tutor Form now. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you: Tel: 9385-5548.

Don't rush your Child when learning a new language

It is a good practice to let the child learns a new language at his own pace. The reason is to ensure that they get interested and like the subject. The support from the parent does help to motivate the child and gains confidence.

Learning and Memorizing the good Chinese Phrases

In practise, the Chinese Teacher emphasis the learning and memorizing the effective Chinese phrases. (ie: Chinese idioms, similes and others, 成语, 俗语, 彦语). The learning of the Chinese phrases are essential and good for composition writing and comprehension answering to different questions.
The learning and memorizing of the essential Chinese phrases are very good for the Chinese writing either for Chinese composition writing or comprehension application. There are many Chinese phrases books that are available from the bookshop in town and school bookshop also. Students who like to use good Chinese phrases such as idioms, quotes, similes in the composition writing had gained marks. This essential application has help them to gain marks in each test and examination. The memorization of the essential phrases has proven that the students are more proficiency in the creative essay writing and comprehension. Students also speak very well in the Chinese language.

Application of good Chinese Phrases

Students who memorize Chinese phrases without understanding its meaning can use it wrongly and sometimes write the Chinese word wrongly. In Chinese creative writing, the students need a lot of practice in composition, situational essay writing and comprehension answering. 
There are some Chinese phrases which can be used in different usage and can be found in the introduction, conclusions and some are in between paragraphs. Most model essay books do shown how to use the Chinese phrases effectively in each paragraphs.

Chinese Phrases in the Composition Writing

Essay writing is one of the key topics in Chinese Study. It is good to memorize some short phrases that might fall into the category of idioms, similes and proverbs. The quality of the essay is to have extensive use of complex phrases which demonstrates the student's linguistic prowess.
Understanding the meaning of the Chinese phrases is very important. In the model essay books, it has many Chinese phrases in each essay and it is good to memorize it for your creative writing and composition writing. By using sophisticated Chinese phrases, words and quotes from scholars and famous writers will help you improve your marks in Chinese Study.

Chinese Tuition with Personalized Chinese Tutor

In home Chinese Tuition the student is able to share the opinions and ideas with his Chinese Tutor and they feel closer and tell them about the weaker subjects and fears which may not be possible in the regular class-room sessions. This will help both student or teacher to work towards improving them and hence the student is able to feel good about him.
Home Chinese tuition
is bale to open every communication channel for tutors and students participating in home Chinese tuition.
chinese-teacher Chinese Tutor

Now the PSLE will be scored with wider bands and the scores will reflect the student’s individual performance and not his performance relative to his peers.
Children who were in Primary 1 in 2016 will be the first batch to experience this new PSLE Scoring System. (Read more...)

Singapore Tuition Rates Guide.

Student Level
Part-Time Tutor
Full-Time Tutor
School Teachers
Pre-School $20-25/hr $30-40/hr $50-55/hr
Pr1~3/ $25-30/hr $35-40/hr $50-60/hr
Pr4~6 $25-35/hr $35-50/hr $55-70/hr
Sec1~2/ IP1~2 $25-35/hr $35-45/hr $65-70/hr
Sec3~4/ IP3~4 $25-40/hr $45-50/hr $65-80/hr
Junior College JC 1~2 $50-65/hr $60-80/hr $90-130/hr
IGCSE (Year1~6) $25-40/hr $40-50/hr =
IGCSE (Year7~10) $35-50/hr $45-80/hr =
IB-Dip yr11~12 $55-70/hr $70-90/hr =
Poly Diploma $65/hr $65-70/hr =
University $70/hr $70/hr =
Programming $65/hr $65-70/hr =
We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Request for Private Home Tuition Tutor

To engage a private Primary Chinese tutor, please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private Primary Chinese Tutor for you, as per your Request-Form. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.

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