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(#15) Malay Tuition for Pri or Sec in Singapore

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Do you want to excel in this language - Malay language? Are you looking for a good Malay tutor who provides effective Malay tuition in Singapore? We are the best tuition agency of choice for Primary, Secondary O-level and JC A-level. We can fulfill your requirements as per your request. Our Malay tutor will travel to your place to provide 1-to-1 effective tuition at your home. With one-to-one home tuition; it gives the student a good opportunity to read and speak the Malay language with the tutor. The Malay tutor can correct the mistakes and explain it in details to the student on the spot.  Through Malay tuition, the student has more opportunities to practise and speak the Malay language and gains fluency in the language.

Malay Tuition in Singapore

Since your Mother Tongue is Malay language. Majority of the Malay community in Singapore, recognizing that some of the earliest language may be lost, a process known as language attrition. Therefore, each community by natural feel that the mother tongue is important for their children to speak, read and write in Malay (ie: Mother Tongue), also known as Second Language in School.

Malay Tuition

Malay teacher
Malay Tuition

Our official working language is English. Since English was adopted from the Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth. By nature, we all know English is our working language and many Singaporean do speak English at home as well at working place. Most of us, are too busy to teach our children practically, therefore we hiring the experienced tutor to provide private tuition to our children - Malay tuition.
For the best Malay tuition in Singapore, look no further than Stanford-Tuition. We are proud to be among the best tuition agency in Singapore. We have the best Malay tutors/ teachers in Singapore's database.
Since you are here looking for a Malay tutor, just send us a Request-tutor Form now. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. Tel: 9385-5548.

Malay Tuition - our Second Language in School

In the primary school, we learn English, Maths, Science and Second language. Some students are weak in Second language; hence the parents like to see their children do well. Therefore, it is right to employ a good Malay tutor to tutoring their child, in this case, we are talking about the Malay language and Malay tuition. 
To do well in any subjects, in this case is Malay language, the students must take an interest to learn and practise the Malay language often and use it frequently in writing.
Malay tuition

Malay Tuition - our Mother Tougue

We live and play in a multi-racial nation Singapore; many of us speak English with our friends and some even at home. This is one of the reasons, some of the students are weak in 2nd language. Some parents do find difficulty teaching their children; hence the alternative way is to engage the service of the Malay tutor to tutoring their children. With one-to-one tuition; it gives the student a good opportunity to read and speak the language with the tutor. The Malay tutor can correct the mistakes and explain it in details to the student on the spot. Through Malay tuition, the student has more opportunities to practise and speak the Malay language and gains fluency in the language.

Official Working Language - English

In Singapore, most students do not speak the Malay language with their classmates except English because English is our official working language. 
The home tuition provided by the Malay tutor help to bridges the gap of student weaknesses. Acquiring a second language - Malay, can be a lifelong learning process for many, although with practice considerable fluency can be achieved.

Engaging a Malay Tutor

A good Malay tutor will encourage and motivate the student towards better understanding in learning the Malay language. It is wise to engage a good Malay tutor to provide the necessary Malay tuition besides the child attending the normal classes in school.

Benefits of One-to-One Malay Tuition

Every child is performing differently in schools. All children have differences in the behaviour and grasping power. The learning performance of each child is different. They are brilliant students and some need extra care and attention from one-to-one Malay tuition in order to show their performances. There are various benefits of one-to-one tuition:
For one-to-one tuition, the student is able to share the ideas and opinions with the Malay tutor. The students feel closer and dare to tell the Malay tutor about the weak topics and can have more details explanations which may not be possible in the regular class-room sessions. This enable both student and tutor can work towards improving the subject matter. Therefore the student is able to feel better learning from the one-to-one Malay tuition. This does open up the communication channel between the student and Malay tutor participating in one-to-one Malay tuition.

Request for Malay Tutor

To engage a private Malay tutor please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private Malay tutor for you, as per your Request-Form.
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Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

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