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O-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Looking for good O-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore?
Do you want to excel in this subject - Chemistry? Are you looking for a good Chemistry Tutor who provides effective O-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Secondary O-level, JC A-level subjects. We will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Our Chemistry tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective O-level Chemistry Tuition at your home.
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What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds, how they can change, and the energy that is released or absorbed when they change.
Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with other matter and energy. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter can be described in terms of physical properties and chemical properties. Physical properties and chemical properties of matter can change.

What is Chemistry and its importance?

Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry! Even your body is made of chemicals. Chemical reactions occur when you breathe, eat, or just sit there reading. All matter is made of chemicals, so the importance of Chemistry is that it is the study of everything.
Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you! It's in the food you eat, clothes you wear, water you drink, medicines, air, cleaners... you name it. Chemistry sometimes is called the "central science" because it connects other sciences to each other, such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental science. Here are some of the best reasons to study Chemistry.

Importance of Chemistry:

  • Chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. Why are plants green? What is in soap and how does it clean? How is cheese made? All these questions can be answered by Applied Chemistry.
  • Basic knowledge of Chemistry helps you to read and understand product labels.
  • Chemistry can help you make informed decisions. Will a product work as advertised or is it a scam? If you understand how chemistry works you'll be able to separate reasonable expectations from pure fiction.
  • Chemistry is at the heart of cooking. If you understand the chemical reactions involved in making baked goods rise or neutralizing acidity or thickening sauces, chances are you'll be a better cook.
  • A command of Chemistry can help keep you safe! You'll know which household chemicals are dangerous to keep together or mix and which can be used safely.
  • Chemistry teaches useful skills. Because it is a science, learning chemistry means learning how to be objective and how to reason and solve problems.
  • Helps you to understand current events, including news about petroleum, product recalls, pollution, the environment and technological advances.
  • Makes life's little mysteries a little less... mysterious. Chemistry explains how things work.
  • Chemistry opens up career options. There are many careers in Chemistry, but even if you're looking for a job in another field, the analytical skills you gained in Chemistry are helpful. Chemistry applies to the food industry, retail sales, transportation, art, homemaking... really any type of work you can name.
  • Chemistry is fun ! There are lots of interesting Chemistry projects you can do using common everyday materials. Chemistry projects don't just go boom. They can glow in the dark, change colors, produces bubbles and change states.
Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances and how substances interact with energy. Understanding basic chemistry concepts is important in our every life. Chemistry is part of everything in our lives. 
The material in existence is made up of matter, even our own bodies. Chemistry is involved in everything we do, from growing and cooking food to cleaning our homes and bodies to launching a space shuttle. Chemistry is one of the physical sciences that help us to describe and explain our world.

O-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

The fact that a well-qualified and professional Chemistry tutor is the key to make your child get higher grades in Chemistry. Many students who find chemistry challenging or even their parents often consider chemistry as a subject that only essential up to the Secondary O-level Chemistry Tuition. What they don't realise is the fact that first-class chemistry grade is of utmost importance if they want their child to get admitted to a reputable college of his choice. This is precisely what a professional Chemistry Tutor can help your child to achieve.
If your child wants to pursue science in further studies, then chemistry is a subject that he cannot afford to neglect. Additionally, strong hold on Chemistry concepts can help the students in their science subjects and O-level Chemistry Tuition program, and in fact, throughout his life. Fortunately, attaining proficiency in basic as well as advanced concepts of Chemistry is not a complicated task any more. You can make your child shine with outstanding Chemistry grades by engaging a competent Chemistry Tutor to tutoring him at home.

There are five branches of Chemistry. Each of which has its own areas of study.

  • Analytical Chemistry uses qualitative and quantitative observation to identify and measure the physical and chemical properties of substances. As we know that all Chemistry is analytical.
  • Organic Chemistry specifically studies compounds that contain the element carbon. Carbon has many unique properties that allow it to form complex chemical bonds and very large molecules. Organic Chemistry is the Chemistry of Life because all of the molecules that make up living tissue have carbon as part of their makeup.
  • Inorganic Chemistry studies materials such as metals and gases that do not have carbon as part of their makeup.
  • Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes that occur within living organisms.
  • Physical Chemistry combines chemistry with physics. Physical chemists study how matter and energy interact. Thermo-dynamics and Quantum Mechanics are two of the important branches of Physical Chemistry

Benefits of experienced Chemistry teacher

  • A good Chemistry teacher can teach chemistry to your child in an interactive and engaging manner, with the use of real life examples. This is something that can never be achieved through books. Though school Chemistry teachers have the required expertise, they don't have the adequate time to concentrate on each and every student in the class.
  • It is quite convenient for students to learn Fundamental and Advanced Chemistry principles by taking their times and clarifying their queries as they progress. This is highly essential for a rock-solid foundation in Chemistry.
  • Students can get answers to their questions almost immediately in Chemistry Tuition classes, along with an in-depth explanation of everything.
  • Reputable Chemistry Teacher can make even bland and boring chemistry formulas much more interesting by using various means such as quizzes, etc. These approaches will help to strengthen the learning process of your child.
  • In Chemistry Tuition classes, students get to interact with their fellow students who are also in the same learning level. Studies have shown that students get a better understanding of concepts when they study with other like minded students and enlighten each other on various things related to Chemistry or any other subject.

Hiring an Experienced Chemistry Teacher

Few parents are not in favour of hiring a Chemistry Teacher for their child due to the cost factor. What they don't realise is the fact that they are compromising on the future of their child and his performance in class. If your child would not be able to clear all these chemistry concepts on time, it will have long term consequences, and it may even change the future course of his career. Just try to look at it this way; if a competent Chemistry Teacher can help your child to make a transition from C plus to B plus or from B minus to A or A plus grade, isn't that a great option to invest for the future of your child?

Can home tuition benefits both brilliant and weak students?

Given extra care and attention from the home tutor which is helpful in imparting the knowledge and the student is free to ask questions to clear the doubt and learning. In class-room condition, the student may be shy to ask question because some classmates may laugh at him. With the private home Chemistry tuition the student is more comfortable to ask question and the tutor can explain in details with example and pictorial drawing. In this situation, the student can get maximum benefits from home tutor.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change.

Student Level
Part-Time tutor
Full-Time tutor
IP3 (Sec3) yr9 $38 - 50 $45 - 70 $80 - 100
IP4 (Sec4) yr10 $38 - 50 $50 - 70 $85 - 100
IP5 (JC-1) yr11 $40 - 50 $55 - 70 $90 - 110
IP6 (JC-2) yr12 $40 - 50 $60 - 70 $90 - 120

Request for Home Chemistry Tutor

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