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# 46 : Primary English Tuition in Singapore

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Primary English is an important Subject in Singapore

In Singapore, English is the main medium of instruction in the education system. English being the sole medium of instruction in most schools across Singapore makes it essential for students to be well versed with the language right from the beginning. We do witnessed some of the students struggling in other subjects like Science and Mathematics due to their weaknesses in English or lack of a strong foundation. The standard English which is the most widely understood form of the language in the world. 
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What is Stellar Program for English Teaching?

Stellar Program is known as Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading.”
From 2013 onwards, the Primary 4 English Teaching will be changed to Stellar Program. It is a six years program. The main focus will be on teaching the Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 students:
  • Enable the students to speak confidently.
  • Knowing how to use the English Language beyond the classroom.
By 2015, the new PSLE English syllabus and the format of the examination papers that will give the students a good understanding of the English writing:

Allow the students to respond and write with different perspectives, like fictional writing and also allow the students to do both fictional and factual writing.

For example, now the old method is to allow the students to write an essay based on a fixed topic:
1). “A day at the Birds Park” and

The new method allows the students to respond and write with different perspectives to do both fictional and factual writing.
There is a saying, “Facts convince and opinion confuses”.
For example, to elaborate on a given scenario such as “A road accident with three pictures included
The students can choose to create and write a story from either one of the pictures, or compose a story linking all the three pictures.

English Teaching - Search for Facts and Figures

Today, with the advance search technology, the students can search from the internet for facts and figures from the ministry websites for their application. It is like huge libraries for them to take the initiative.
They can use either google or or bing or yahoo search engine in the computer, ipad and even the iphone.

English Teaching - Greater Authenticity in Communication

The main objective is to cultivate the students to prepare for the 21st century work environment, which calling for better and stronger power in communicational skills with greater authenticity in communication.
For example
, in the old method of Oral Examination segment, the students are given a picture and the examiner asked the student to describe it. The end results in each of them, hardly any student goes beyond what the picture shows.

English Teaching - Focus on Oral Communication

In the new method, the students are given the opportunity to respond to any items shown to them:
For example, the examiner can show a Map, or a Picture, or a Poster, a Biscuit Wrapper and other item. What the examiner is interested in, is hearing the student’s expression or point of view.
The main objective is to see how the student expresses it through the Oral Communication and not what is in the Map or Poster.
In this situation, the student is given the opportunity to express what the thought that is leading to a conversation with the Examiner and not just talk about what the student see, but what he/she thinks of the situation and express it in Oral Communication.
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English Tuition base on the Stellar Program

Stellar Program is known as Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading
In 2009, all Primary Schools in Singapore have the English Curriculum based on Stellar Program and done away the English textbooks and workbooks. Instead, the schools get a set of materials from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and use it to teach the students in Primary 1 to 3 levels. The objective is to focus and get the students to express and talk clearly and with confidence.
In practise, the students have reading program to read as many books as they can from 1 to 100 books or more. With the number of books completed reading, the students are awarded with a badge of different colour as per number completed.  This help to raise the students’ competency as its progress. The students develop the ability to analyse and think critically because every individual in our economy has to have these higher order skills, and can be trained.

Stellar Program for Primary English Teaching.

The changes to the upper primary English curriculum are an extension of the stellar program which is used for lower primary 1 to 3 students and now is all the way to Primary 6.
In this progress, the Primary English tutors must learn to adapt and introduce the correct tutoring method for the student who seeks their help and service. Firstly is to understand the new syllabus and the focus on the developing the student’s reading ability and able to analyse and think critically for lower primary students. The Primary English Tutors need to focus and motivate the students to talk clearly and express with confidence.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
Pri 1~2 | yr 1~2
$25 - 30/hr
$30 - 35/hr
$50 - 55
Pri 3~4 | yr 3~4
$25 - 35
$30 - 40
$50 - 55
Pri 5~6 | yr 5~6
$30 - 35
$35 - 45
$50 - 65
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Request for Home Primary English Tutor

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