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Many parents are finding themselves in a similar position, while looking for good home tuition tutor, they may be looking for a good tutor to teach English, Mathematics, Science or a mother tongue language.
In Singapore, having the convenience and expertise of a home tutor who can tutoring the child to academic greatness is almost necessary.
Searching for the right tutor is seemingly a difficult affair, especially for those without prior experience with the tutors. So how do you go about picking the right tutor?
There are roughly 4 major categories of personal educators which the parents can choose from:
  • Full-time tutors
  • Graduate tutors (Part-time)
  • Student tutors (Part-time)
  • NIE trainee tutors (Part-time)
  • Ex-school teachers

Full-time tutors


These group of full-time tutors make their entire living from home tuition. Most of them have years of tutoring experience and also are familiar with the MOE syllabus. Some of them specialize in a specific subject so that you get a specialist in the subject of your choice.
Usually within a period of 3 to 6 months, the student’s grade improved up to 30 marks or more by the full-time tutor. From the past records and experience, most of the parents are satisfied with the results of the tuition by the full-time tutors.
Here are some of the advantage of using Full-time tutors:
Advantages of using Full-time Tutors
  • Full-time Tutors can customize the teaching to the weaker area of each individual student in which the school teacher may find difficult to fulfill, due to the 35 students in the classroom.
  • Full-time Tutors can cover and go through the topics that the student is too embarrassed to ask for help in the school classroom.
  • Private Tutors have the opportunity to impact the required knowledge to the student because sometimes the student may have missed the details in school as he/she may have missed the lesson.
  • Private Tutors can share exam tips and techniques with the student. For example: how to derive the formulas and remember it.
  • Full-time Tutors can teach and give more exam-based questions for the student to practice and focus on the critical topics per the syllabus. 

Graduate Tutors (Part-time)

They have a full-time job and are busy during working hours. Moreover, they may be in a different field and discipline. Part-timers are available for tuition during weekends and in some evenings after 7 pm. Part-time tutors are more matured and have tutoring experience. They come with higher tuition rates, depending on the level and subjects. They charge between $30-$45/hr.

Student Tutors (Part-time)

In today situation, student tutors are few because of the school-works and better pocket allowances from parents and grand-parents. In the past, they make up a higher percentage of the home tutor population.
Often aged 19 and above, they could be Junior College students, awaiting enrollment into National Service or University. The quality of the tutors varies widely depending on their limited experience and may lack professionalism and tutoring skills.
Some parents persistently avoid, ignore, or reject these tutors perhaps because they rank as the least experienced when it comes to teaching experience. But this group also have the advantage of charging cheaper rates per hour. Parents who choose this group of tutors have to understand that it is lower in fee and lack of tutoring skills. It is affordable for the budget finders. They charge between$25 to $35 per hour.
Next group of part-time tutors are Undergraduates and Post-Graduate students. They are students themselves still pursuing their education. Some of the University undergrad tutors are very good in tutoring Sec 3~4 and JC 1~2 students. They have had 1 to 3 years tutoring experience. Some prefer to tutoring Secondary and Junior College students, This group is charging $35 to $50 per hour.

NIE Trainee Teachers (Part-time)

NIE trained teacher and possess better training and communicational skills. They are familiar with the MOE syllabus and changing trends of education in Singapore. NIE trainees are essentially graduates who are training to become qualified school teachers. They are valuable and commanding higher rates but very few are available in the tutoring market. Usually by March of each year, most of the NIE trainee's free slots are taken by the students. They charge between $40 to $50 per hour.

Ex-school Teachers

Ex-teacher tuition

This category of personal ex-teachers are the most experienced and therefore most sought after. For ex-teachers who are retirees can afford to take on 6-10 private lessons a week perhaps for a maximum of ten students only.
Most retired teachers prefer to have lessons at their own residence rather than to travel to their students’ homes, so parents will have to factor in - sending and fetching your child to tuition or making arrangements in the schedule to include travelling time spent.
The ex-teachers are reliability and with their ability to almost guarantee that A+ in your child’s report books make them the star candidates of home-tutors. Ex-teachers also charge the highest rate; between $55 to $140 per hour.

The choice of private home-tutors varies widely

Once you understand the types of home tutors in the market, what do you do next?
It is simple enough, you could engage a tutor by recommendation from friends, advertise in newspapers or even source one from reputable tuition agencies which can now be done online.
Recommendations by word-of-mouth are often the safe method as the tutor in question has been tried and tested by someone that you trust. We noticed that these tutors charge higher rate because through recommendations by words of mouth.
The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is by requesting for a tutor online by good and reputable tuition agency like - StanfordTuition
What you have to do is fill up an Application-Form online and we will get back to you within 16 hours with a good tutor matches, if there is not further question to ask.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
Pri 1~2 | yr 1~2 $25 - 30/hr $30 - 35/hr $50 - 55
Pri 3~4 | yr 3~4 $25 - 35 $30 - 40 $50 - 55
Pri 5~6 | yr 5~6 $30 - 35 $35 - 45 $50 - 65
Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
IP1 (Sec1) yr7 $35 - 45/hr $35 - 65/hr $60 - 80/hr
IP2 (Sec2) yr8 $35 - 45 $38 - 65 $60 - 80
IP3 (Sec3) yr9 $38 - 50 $45 - 70 $80 - 100
IP4 (Sec4) yr10 $38 - 50 $50 - 70 $85 - 100
IP5 (JC-1) yr11 $40 - 50 $55 - 70 $90 - 110
IP6 (JC-2) yr12 $40 - 50 $60 - 70 $90 - 120
Note: There is a one time service charge of $50 for Programming and University subjects.
This is a guide & we reserved the rights to change the rates at any time.
Student Level
Degree Holder
Uni Lecturer
PhD Lecturer
Sec 3~4 (Programming) $65/hr $70 - 85/hr $70 - 85/hr
Poly $65 - 70/hr $70 - 85/hr $70 - 85/hr
University $70 - 85 $80 - 100 $80 - 100

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