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#12 : Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

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Do you want to excel in this subjects -Mathematics? Are you looking for a good private home Mathematics tutor who provides effective tuition in Singapore? We are a the best tuition agency of choice for Primary, Secondary O-level, JC A-level Mathematics. We will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Our private home Mathematics tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective tuition at your home. For best private home Mathematics tuition in Singapore, look no further than “Stanford-Tuition.” We are proud to be among the best Mathematics tuition agency in Singapore. We have the best tutors in Singapore. Send us a Request-tutor Form now. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. Tel: 9385-5548.

# 12: How to study and perform well in Mathematics?

Mathematics is the easiest if you have a passion for this subject. We use Mathematics daily without you even realise it. Mathematics is one of the major and pre-requisite subjects in education. In order to do well, it is a habit to practice. Practice, practice and more practice.

Here is a List for you to follow and take action.

  • You need to understand why study Mathematics and it is good to develop a passion for it.
  • You must set your goals.
  • Short term goals:
  • The goal is to score above 85% of all Mathematics Tests in school. In each school day, it is a good practice to complete all the class-works and home works from school. You can then have time to do and practice 1set of past Exam papers daily.
  • Long term goals:
  • The goal is to have home tuition or online tuition for Mathematics for present level as well one level above your present level and also take part in Mathematics competition in School.
  • Learn to understand the basic Mathematical vocabulary, formulas, theorems, rules and concepts. It is good to develop a habit to memorize them.
  • Learn the logical connections between different concepts to solve crossed tricky questions or problems.
  • Learn from different examples to solve the related questions.
  • Learn and memorize the time-saving methods to solve each related question or problem.
  • Learn and memorize the different solving techniques including the shortcut skills.
  • Develop and master your own good study skills, problem solving skills and examination skills.
  • Have sufficient practice on the selected questions from past examination questions. Do and practice well and be ready for examinations with confidence.
  • Get all the selected questions marked and get feedback so that you can learn from mistakes. "Practice makes perfect." 
  • Do and practice the Mathematics daily to make it a habit. With this habit, you develop a liking and have a passion for it. The more you practice it, the more confidence you are.
  • Always get your Mathematics tutor to help you when you encounter any difficulty or tricky questions or problems.
    Remember to carry out your plan to achieve your goals.

Mathematics Tutors help Students in Singapore

An experienced and skilled Maths tutor in Singapore is often what the students need. This Maths tutor can give the student that extra boost to do better in school. Most Maths Tutors in Singapore do this by creating ways for their students to fully understand the most basic concepts of the subject. For in an area of learning such as Mathematics, where a sizeable portion of its concepts involve mathematical equations, only when you can understand the foundations, then can the students move forward and master the more advanced complicated concepts.

Mathematics Tuition benefits both brilliant and weak students

Given extra care and attention from the home tutor which is helpful in imparting the knowledge and the student is free to ask questions to clear the doubt and learning. In class-room condition, the student may be shy to ask question because some classmates may laugh at him. With the private home Mathematics tuition the student is more comfortable to ask question and the Maths tutor can explain in details with example and pictorial drawing. In this situation, the student can get maximum benefits from home Maths tutor.

Private Mathematics Tutor gives extra attention

A good Mathematics tutor will encourage and motivate the student towards better understanding in learning the Mathematics. It is wise to engage a good Mathematics tutor to provide the necessary tuition besides the child attending the normal classes in school.
Since you are looking for a good Mathematics tutor at this website, we encourage you to put in you Request-for-Tutor.
Let your child experience the dreaming of his or her educational success.
Don’t wait. Start taking Mathematics tuition today. Call us or What'sApp: 9385-5548.
Mathematics tuition
Maths tuition

Understand the New Syllabus

Most important is to understand the new syllabus and to continue focusing on the development of the student’s reading ability, creative writing and able to analyse and think critically for Mathematics Examination. The Mathematics Tuition for IGCSE, IB, IP and CBSE Mathematics, O-level, A-level Mathematics. Mathematics Tutors have to focusing and motivating the students to do the 10 years series past Exam Papers and express their thoughts with confidence.

How To Maximise Your Mathematics Tuition?

Mathematics is important, you get to know how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. The economics can also provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life. It is a driving force of human interaction.
Mathematics is an important subject. To understand and do well in the study of Physics, you choose to have Mathematics tuition. It is an investment for knowledge. It is your responsibility to learn well for your economics examination. The best Mathematics tutor in the Singapore, can make a difference to your study, unless you are putting in your time to do further research and study including co-operating with your Mathematics tutor.
Before and After Mathematics class - Revision Tips
  • 1). Read up to get yourself familiar with the content. In the class lesson, you will noticed that you are ahead of your learning situation and the retention rate is much better. After class, you can spend 5 to10 minutes to recall what the teacher had taught you in the last 1 hour. This can help you to achieve up to 95% of your retention rate.
    On the same evening, when you are at home doing home-works, you will notice that perform is better because of higher retention rate power. It's important to recall and recap after each lesson.
  • 2). All responsible learning students, it is your job to pay attention in the class-lesson or classroom. Jotting down valuable points and notes during lesson is critical for better power of memorising of what you had just learned.
    It is a good practise to avoid getting distracted by electronic devices, phones and etc.
  • 3). Asking questions during the class-lesson will not only make it more interactive, but will also help you to improve learning and memorising better. It enables students to resolve their queries with different opinions and ideas. This helps to gain better understanding of the topic.

Singapore Tuition Rates guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Student Level
Full-Time tutor (Degree)
IP3 (Sec3) yr9 $38 - 50 $45 - 70 $80 - 100
IP4 (Sec4) yr10 $38 - 50 $50 - 70 $85 - 100
IP5 (JC-1) yr11 $40 - 50 $55 - 70 $90 - 110
IP6 (JC-2) yr12 $40 - 50 $60 - 70 $90 - 120

Request for Private Home Mathematics Tutor

To engage a private home Mathematics tutor, please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private home Mathematics tutor for you, as per your Request-Form. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.
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