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Singapore Special Needs Tuition Rates

How much does private tuition cost? This is one of the most typical question asked when it comes to home tuition.
Tuition Fee
is depending on the home educational therapist-tutor qualification and experience.

Our home educational therapist-tutors are categorised according to the experience and qualifications. We do not dictate the educational therapist-tutor's tuition fee/rate. Most of the Singapore educational therapist-tutors are freelancers and they quote their own tuition fee/rate. The figures below are the averaged rates that we receive from tutors daily. This guide shows the average private tuition fee/rate based on tutor's experience, qualifications and standard taught. 

If you choose to go for below the minimum rate, usually there may be no takers as per your request. We advise you to follow the home tuition fee/rate listed below. The tuition fee/rate is based on the experience and qualifications of the educational therapist-tutor.
Note: If your budget is below, then call us as we may able to assist you or What's App (mobile: 9385-5548.

Special Needs Educational Therapist-Tutor's Home Tuition Fee/Rate.

NOTE: Home-visit lesson not less than 1.5 hour Fee, even 1hr lesson.
Student Level
Educational Therapist (Diploma)
Educational Therapist (Degree)
Home Visit Duration
Pre-School $65 - 75/hr $65 - 75/hr 1.5 hr per lesson (minimum)
Pri 1~2 $65 - 75/hr $65 - 75/hr 1.5 hr per lesson (minimum)
Pri 3~4 $65 - 75/hr $65 - 75/hr 1.5 hr per lesson (minimum)
Pri 5~6 $65 - 85/hr $70 - 85/hr 1.5 hr per lesson (minimum)
Sec 1~2 $75 - 85/hr $75 - 90/hr 1.5 hr per lesson (minimum)
Sec 3~5 $75 - 90/hr $75 - 90/hr 2 hr per lesson (minimum)
We reserved the rights to change at any time.
NOTE: Home-visit lesson not less than 1.5 hour Fee, even 1hr lesson.

Factors that cause the Private Tuition Rate to Vary

The private tuition fee/rate ranges from educational therapist-tutor. It serves as a guide. 
The actual private tuition fee/rate may vary depending on the following factors: 
(a) Qualification and teaching experience of educational therapist-tutor.
(b) Number of subjects. The Tuition Fee/Rate for one subject or two subjects.
If you are requesting for one subject, the tuition fee/rate usually of the same rate but comes with shorter hour, such as 1.5 hour per week. For single subject likes Maths or English, it can be a difficult subject and experienced qualified tutor do asking for higher tuition fee/rate. Some tutors expect a different rate for 2 or 3 subjects, but the market is very competitive and transparent. The above tuition fee/rates are for the general guideline only.
Note: Some educational therapist-tutors are willing to accept lower tuition fee/rate. If you can wait for a week or two, we can find a educational therapist-tutor to meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or texts and tell us your tuition requirements and budget. We can search for the educational therapist-tutor that can meet your budget. Normally, those educational therapist-tutor who stays nearby don't mind and can meet the budget.
(c) Location of the student's home.
It is very time consuming to travel 'to and back' to your place by the tutor.
(d) Full-time educational therapist-tutor and Part-time educational therapist-tutor.
Full-time tutors earn their living through tutoring students. They travel from one student's home to the next home to provide home tuition. The experienced full-time tutor has the ability to identify each student's weaknesses and the problem  faced by students. They are familiar with the syllabus as they have taught the same topics with different students. The full-time tutors do not waste time during lesson because they need to complete the lesson on time. They need to travel to next student punctuality and on time.
The part-time tutor is holding a full-time job and are busy during working hours. Moreover, the day job that each hold may be in a different field or discipline. Part-time tutor is available for tuition normally during weekends and in weekday's evenings from 7 pm onwards. They are more willing to accept slightly lower tuition rate for those hard-working students.

Request for Special Needs Educational Therapist Tutor

To engage a private home educational therapist-tutor, please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private home educational therapist-tutor for you, as per your Request-Form.
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