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#1: PSLE English Comprehesion Tuition

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STELLAR Program for PSLE English

STELLAR as “Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading
All Lower Primary 1, 2, 3 Schools in Singapore have the English Curriculum based on Stellar Program and done away the English textbooks and workbooks.
The schools get a set of materials from the MOE (Ministry of Education) and use it to teach the students in Primary 1, 2 and 3 levels. The main objective is to focus and get the students to read, write and speak clearly and with confidence. The objective is to promote the students to read, learn and express their ideas and thoughts with confidence.

In practise, the students have reading program to read as many books as they can from 1 to 100 books or more. With the number of books completed reading, the students are awarded with a badge of different colour as per number completed.

This English reading and learning program helps to raise the students’ competency as its progress from Pr1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 that is PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations). With the 6 years of Stellar Program, the students develop the ability to analyse and think critically because every individual in our economy has to have these higher order skills, and can be trained.

New PSLE English Syllabus

The changes to the Primary 4, 5, 6 English curriculums are extensions of the stellar program for Primary 1, 2, 3 the lower primary students. 
Now, the Primary 4, 5 and PSLE English tuition tutors must learn to introduce the correct tutoring method for the student who seeks their help and tutoring service.
Most important is to understand the new syllabus and to continue focusing on the development of the student’s reading ability, creative writing and able to analyse and think critically for PSLE Examination. The Primary 4, 5 and PSLE English Tutors have to focusing and motivating the students to speak clearly and express their thoughts with confidence.

What are the Changes to PSLE English Comprehesion Paper?

All PSLE students will be sitting for a new restructured English Examination papers. The changes of the New Format are tabulated below:
The students select from 2 questions with fixed scenarios to write a narrative essay.
For example: “A day at the zoo” or “A day at Science Centre”
An essay tells the particulars of an act or course of events.
New English syllabus and the format of the exam papers will give the students a good understanding of the English writing.
The students have to weave a story from the given 3 pictures.
For example:
The student can write a story base on either one of the pictures or create a story linking all the three pictures.
Comprehension (Open-Ended)
The Comprehension questions require the answers to be written within a line or two.
The Comprehension questions may be more factual details which may include tables. The facts and figures may be from the passage.
Listening Comprehension
Listening comprehension is the receptive skill in the oral mode. The Exam paper has less pictures and graphics.
When we speak of listening what we really mean is listening and understanding what we hear. The English paper questions will has more pictures and graphics as compared to the existing paper.
1. Drawing inferences,
2. Predicting and
3. Summarizing.
Oral Communication
The students will be shown a poster or picture and the examiner asked the student to describe and talk about it. The end results in each of them,hardly any student goes beyond what the picture shows.
The students will be given their personal view as per given poster or picture. With the personal response the examiner is interested in, is hearing the student’s expression or point of view. the student is given the opportunity to express what the thought that is leading to a conversation with the Examiner and not just talk about what the student see, but what the student thinks of the situation and express it in Oral Communication.
Grammar & Vocabulary
Advanced Foundation
  • Subject verb agreement

  • Passive voice

  • Reported speech

  • Conditional sentences

  • Relative clauses

  • Complex sentences

Exam-focused Application
  • Spelling & editing

  • Synthesis & transformation

Visual Text
  • Intent evaluation

  • Literal & inferential analysis 

  • Contextual use of words

Cloze & Open-ended​
  • Error analysis

  • Question type identification

  • Inferential methods

  • Accurate answering techniques

Creative Writing
Situational Writing​
  • Contextual tone & vocabulary

  • Spelling & punctuation

  • Adaptation to different purposes & audiences.

Continuous Writing​

  • Sequential & logical story planning

  • ​Flashback, foreshadowing, twist, hook & characterization 

  • Clear structures & effective persuasion techniques

  • Editing for clarity of expression

Reading Aloud​
  • Standard pronunciation 

  • Confidence building

Stimulus-based Conversation​
  • In-class debates

  • Opinion presentation

  • Persuasion techniques

  • Audience engagement

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