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Guardian for International Student in Singapore


Singapore is welcoming international students who like to pursue their education here. It is a great place for education.
Most of the international student under the age of 18 and below, require a guardian if one of the parent is not staying with the young student. The guardian is to act on behalf of the student’s parent, during the period studying in that school. Student guardian is acting on behalf of the parents' role.

Why need a Guardian in Sinapore?

There is no secret that Singapore's educational system is one of the best in the entire South East Asia. This is all thanks to its Government's conviction to provide each student with a complete and best education system. Singapore is providing learning opportunities for its citizens and international students. The requirement for international students to have a guardian when studying in a local mainstream school in Singapore. Student's guardian has the responsibility of caring the student daily needs on behalf of the parents' role.
  • Student Guardianship
    The student's guardian job is acting as parents for the student. This practice is to ensure the parents' peace of mind and without their physically present. The guardian is acting on behalf of the parents' role. The guardian needs to take care of the student’s school-related matters: Meet the Parents Session, and other related school matters.
    Student guardian needs to take care of the student daily needs and ensure the daily's activities are done accordingly.
  • Guardian Responsibilities
    The guardian responsbilities including the legal requirements to take care of the child well-being and attending the - Meet-the-Parent-Session in school. The guardian is the Point of Contact should anything happen to the student in Singapore.
    The guardian needs to offer the protection and the safety of the child staying with the family including the health care and medical care.
    Guardian also needs to provide counseling and care to communicate with the child to understand the needs with good intention weekly or even every two days from your observation. Weekly check of the child school-works and the child performance in school. In case, the guardian observes and identify an inconsistent behaviour of the child. It is the duty to tell and alert the parents.
    Parents want to be informed of the child behaviour and welfare. Guardian has the responsibility to share the child activities regularly. This is trust building between the parents and guardian. Sometimes the urgency situation can happen and it may take beyond the call of duty and action if necessary.
  • Requirement of the Guardian
    Singaporean Citizen/ Singapore Permanent Resident - 21 years old above, or the parent or an adult family member of the international student if the parent / family member is working or staying in Singapore.
    The school requires the acknowledged - Guardian Nomination Form – completed and signed by the parents of the international students. Also, a copy for the Guardian’s NRIC and Passport  for validation purposes.
  • Private Tuition:
    Normally, if the student is weak in certain subjects, a private home tutor is hired for one-to-one tuition on that particular subject with the parents permission.
  • Student accommodation:
    Depending on the location of your school, we will find you a suitable home-stays with a friendly family to care for your needs. Should you require just an accommodation, we have the perfect home, just for you.
Meet the Parents Session
Meet the Parents Session B

Benefit of Young Students

This set-up is ultimately for the benefit of many Singapore's younger population and international students. With this rigorous educational system, it has the tendency to place some immense pressure on students. This is why parents often find the need for specialized tuition services, just like how the educational tutors in Singapore help the students as well as the international students who study IGCSE, IB, Primary, Secondary and JC/ A-level subjects.

Accommodation & Guardianship for International Students

A home-stay provides the best support and best way to experience the authentic lifestyle in Singapore. 
We provide home-stay, accommodation and guardianship for international students in Singapore. We are one-stop provider for Home-Stay for international students.
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Let your child experience the dreaming of his or her educational success.
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Request for Private Accommodation and Guardian

Looking for Student accommodation at private home including Student Guardianship, please submit the "Request-Form" or Call us Tel: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private home for you, as per your Request-Form. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.

Private Accommodation and Guardian Services

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