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Classical Guitar Lessons in Singapore

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Qualified Classical Guitar teachers for Classical Guitar Lessons in Singapore are easy to find. There are many Guitar teachers in Singapore; we can find these professional Guitar teachers who specialise in playing this plucked string guitar. This is definitely good news for students and adults who desire to play the favourable and popular musical instrument - Classical Guitar.

Classical Guitar Teacher make the Lesson Simple

If you're among those who wish to understand the complexities of playing the Classical Guitar, then have no worries. Guitar teachers in Singapore can help you realise your dream of learning the musical instrument of your choice - the Classical Guitar.

Hiring qualified Classical Guitar teacher to teach your child how to play the guitar is best beneficial. Under the supervision of a highly competent Classical Guitar teachers in class, and of course with your focus and persistent determination, it is possible for you to create soothing guitar music in three months. Believe it or not, Guitar teachers, particularly those who are thoroughly versed in classcal guitar music, can help you bring out that hidden musical talent you've always had in you. A Classical Guitar teachers will guide you every step of the way until you master soloing tactics and different techniques for guitar playing.

Whether you are a fan of rock and roll, pop, soul or just classical music, it simply does not matter. Excellent Classical Guitar teachers can help you distinguish these artistic endeavour differences with your beloved guitar. They can even hone your musical prowess in both practical and theory in six months to a year.

Types of Guitar

There are different types of guitars and different styles of guitar. Commonly, there are three kinds of guitars that is the classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.
Electric guitar requires the electrical supply to operate the amplifier to gives sound amplification. Whereas the acoustic guitar and classical guitar, they do not need amplification as its hollow body is a sound box itself.

Difference between the Classical and Acoustic guitar

The first difference is that classical guitar uses nylon strings and the acoustic guitar uses steel strings. Therefore, the each produces different sound.
Acoustic guitar produces a brighter tone than classical guitar. The acoustic guitar is usually used for playing music like folk, jazz, country, pop and blues. For acoustic guitar, it has narrower neck and has a bigger shaped sound box body. Therefore they produce louder sounds.
Classical guitars have a wider neck as compared to acoustic guitars. Reason is because as classical guitars are used to play classical songs, chords and the strings are wider apart so that single notes can be picked and heard more clearly.

Learn Classical Guitar Lessons Faster

Everyone likes to learn to play the guitar within a shortest time. However, first we must know learning to play a classical guitar is a self-discipline. For passion and love of playing the favourable musical classical guitar then the four tips below is for you to have the quick start your learning process.
A): Patient, Don’t Rush
Don't rush into difficult songs, it will frustrate you, as you will find it difficult to play the notes and it can demoralize you? Instead, it is better to take thing step by step.
Firstly, you start with simple songs involving picking and strumming. As you learn the techniques step by step as you get more comfortable playing the guitar. A good classical guitar tutor can guide you on how to play the more difficult chords and songs. 
B): Keep your body posture right
If you have aches in your shoulder, neck or back, there is some posture problem you have to deal with. Bad body posture leaves you aching all over and it makes you feel as though playing the guitar is a chore. Learn to take care of your body posture by asking the classical guitar teacher.
C): Learn chords and scales
it is the basis of everything that you learn to play the classical guitar. Chords are not only easy to play; they ground you with a good rhythm especially with strumming songs. As you have mastered the use of chords, you can start jamming with your buddies, as a rhythmic guitarist. Scales are important if you like leading, picking and soloing. Scales give you the basics of building up a solo and how the notes complement each other.
D): Plan a schedule
It is good to practice an hour a day regularly instead of cramping all the practice in one day for straight long 5 hours. First of all, you cannot focus and after may be 2 hours; you’ll get bored and will feel reluctant to continue. This is the kind of attitude you must avoided when learning something new. Learning the classical guitar is no exception. Follow the schedule and practice diligently without fail.

Fee per 4 Lessons of Classical Guitar Lessons

Hiring the services of classical guitar teachers is cost-efficient. Truth is, you don't have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars just to learn how to play your favourite musical instrument. Monthly rates of Classical Guitar Lesson in Singapore for beginners and Grade-1 may cost about S$160 per four lessons per month.
If you progress to more advanced levels like Grade 2, then the additional fee of $10 to $15 may apply. That is, S$170~175 for every four lessons. 
See below the guided chart of guitar rates for every four lessons.

Guitar Lessons Fees guide. We reserved the rights to change at any time.

Fee per 4 lessons (per month)

Fee for next Grade.

Guitar Lessons: $180~$200
Plus : $10 to $15
The home guitar lessons fee for one-to-one teaching by private guitar teacher.  The actual guitar lessons fees may vary depending on the following. This serves as a guide. 
(a). Qualification of music teacher, 
(b). Music teacher’ experience, 
(c). Location of your home,
(d). Full-timer music teacher, 
(e). Part-timer music teacher.

Request for Private Classical Guitar Tutor

To engage a private classical guitar tutor, please submit the "Request-Tutor-Form" or Call us : Mobile: 9385-5548 for Assistance. We also accept voicemail, texts, What'sApp, if you want us to call you. We will find a suitable private classical guitar tutor for you, as per your Request-Form. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information.

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