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English Teacher, English Tutor in Singapore

English Teacher, English Tutor in Singapore

Nowadays, we notice that many parents are searching for English Tutor in Singapore to help their children’ studies. Most of the parents want to ensure all school home works are completed on time and has time for revision. Majority of the parents are proud of their children and wish to see them do well in school.

It was reported in the newspapers that many thousands of dollars was spent in this tuition Industry. In Nov 2014, the Straits Times articles mentioned that Singapore's tuition industry is now worth more than a billion dollars. Five year ago, the Singapore's tuition industry is more than S$820 million spent.
The average household spending on tuition rose from S$54.70 a month 10 years ago, to S$79.90 in the latest survey.

This is an opportunity for those people who has passion and enjoy teaching as a professional English Tutor / Teacher. If you are a graduate and enjoy teaching young children in school or tuition centre, you apply and become a tutor. If you wish to be a English School Teacher, you need to apply to the National Institute of Education (NIE) and get yourself trained to be a English Teacher.

An Effective Tutor Keeps Students Motivated

In order to keep the tuition job for year after year, you must do it right from the first day. It is important to showing your personal educational certificates to prove your credentials. Next it is good to show some of your students improved results sheets that you collected over the years. This shows that you are sincere tutor and likes to do an effective job. Remember, it was proven that people do judge you on the first sight or first day. It is an instance of visual perception.

An effective English Tutor prepares the require works to strengthen the student weaknesses including the scheme of work for each individual.  
It is right to give students verbal reward when due. This verbal reward does give the student confidence and become a better listener, so praising is a kind of verbal rewards that encouraging the student to be more attentive and become a good listener.

You need to think and plan the scheme of works for each student to follow. It is effective to communicate with the student and parents together or with the student itself if parents cannot make it. The next thing is to ensure that the student is improving and doing well in each Examination. The results will tell its story.
Another important reminder, do not use your electronic devices and mobile phone during the tutoring period. It is your duty to switch your phone to vibrating mode so that you can call back after the tuition period. 
By disciple yourself as a tutor to follow the above guidelines, there is no reason why the happy student and parents do not let you continue the next year and so on.

Helping Student to Achieve Top A-Grade Results

Yes, you can because most of these top students are hard-working and willing do more home-works. From some of the tuition agency’ website, you can download the past Exam papers for them to practice as home-works. Anyway, a few tuition agencies are providing this service for Free and you can download the required Exam-Papers for the students to practice.

Today, there are many top students in Primary 5 but practicing the Primary 6 past Exam Papers. This is what some of the top students are doing. Remember, practice and practice and more practice to get more experience and familiar with different questions. These top students are learning one or two level above of what they are in.

For example: 
2007 Physics Olympiad Champion Miss Fiona Foo who was doing A-level Physics during her IP-4 (Sec 4).  At that period, she was about one year ahead of many of her classmates because she was learning A-level Physics at Tuition Centre in Bishan.

Since you are looking for a good English-Teacher at this website, we encourage you to put in your Request-Tutor-Form.

Let your child experience the dreaming of educational success.
Don’t wait.  Start taking English-tuition today.

Home Tuition Fee (Rates per hour)

(The table is a guide based on market rates in S$ only).
(Estimated Hourly Rate S$ (per Tutor's Qualification)

This guide for IP, IB, IGCSE subjects based on market rates in S$.

Student Level


Full-time (Degree)

Current Teachers

IP1 (Sec1) yr7

$35 - 45

$35 - 65

$60 - 80

IP2 (Sec2) yr8

$35 - 45

$38 - 65

$60 - 80

IP3 (Sec3) yr9

$38 - 50

$45 - 70

$80 - 100

IP4 (Sec4) yr10

$38 - 50

$50 - 70

$85 - 100

IP5 (JC-1) yr11

$40 - 50

$55 - 70

$90 - 110

IP6 (JC-2) yr12

$40 - 50

$60 - 70

$90 - 120

(Note: We reserved the rights to change the rates at any time)
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