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Today, we are living in the information age. Many students are having Physics Teacher to provide them with Physics Tuition. Technology is basic necessity. Technology has its roots in Physics. With good understanding of Physics, you can appreciate the technology better. It helps us to understand the technological advancements. Majority of the Physics Teachers spend years in the University reading Physics and now they are here providing Physics Tuition

Why students learn Physics?

Physics is one of the science subjects. Study this subject is going to benefit the students. There are many reasons why we should learn Physics. Some of the benefits are listed here below: 
Physics is a subject if you wish to pursue higher education in the field of Science, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Materials and Building Science. You need to have good passed in Physics knowledge before you can be accepted into these courses at tertiary levels in University.

How things work 

Physics arouses our curiosity as to how things work. It challenges our minds to be imaginative and innovative. It contributes greatly and directly to technological advancements throughout history. The application of Physics knowledge in the field of Industrial engineering has resulted in the invention of many wonderful things.
For example, when you turn on an electrical switch, the light bulb comes light up. How was the electricity generated in the first place? How a light bulb does works? All these answers are found in the basic application of Physics knowledge. 

Physics is a complementary subject to other sciences

Physics is the one subject that connected a number of other subjects.
For example, Chemistry and Biology seemed to be two independent sciences. But at the molecular level, the interactions between atoms and molecules are still best explained through Physics Laws. The medical instruments and equipments that doctors used are all designed by Engineers and Scientists. These medical instruments worked based on Physics Laws and principles. Physics is a complementary subject to the other sciences. Because physics covers so much area, it is divided into several specific fields of study, such as electronics, quantum physics, astronomy and Bio-Physics. 

Technology has its roots in Physics

Today, we are living in the information age. Technology is basic necessity. Technology has its roots in Physics. With good understanding of Physics, you can appreciate the technology better. It helps us to understand the technological advancements. Therefore, many Physics teachers and tutors are providing Physics Tuition at student’s home.

Benefits of Physics Tuition

Given extra care and attention from the private Physics tutor which is helpful in imparting the knowledge to the students. All students are free to ask questions to clear their doubts and learning.

In class-room condition, the students may be shy to ask questions because some classmates may laugh at them. With the private tuition the student is more comfortable to ask questions and the Physics tuition tutor can explain it in details with example and pictorial drawing. In this situation, the student can get maximum benefits from private tuition.

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Home Tuition Fee (Rates per hour)

The table is a guide based on market rates in S$.

Student Level

Estimated Hourly Rate S$ (per Tutor’s Qualification)

A-level /




Current Teachers




$25 - 35



Pri 1~2

$18 - 20

$20 - 25

$30 - 35

$35 - 45

$40 - 45

Pri 3~4

$20 - 25

$20 - 25

$30 - 40

$40 - 50

$40 - 50

Pri 5~6

$23 - 30

$25 - 35

$35 - 40

$45 - 55

$45 - 55

Sec 1~2

$25 - 30

$25 - 35

$35 - 45

$50 - 60

$55 - 60

Sec 3~5

$30 - 40


$35 - 50

$55 - 70

$60 - 70

IP 2~4 & JC-1

$35 - 45


$45 - 65

$60 - 80

$85 - 100

IP 5~6 & JC-2

$35 - 45


$50 - 70

$65 - 85

$85 - 120




$60 - 85

$65 - 90

$85 - 120

Note: We reserved the rights to change the rates at any time.


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